Hi, I’m Hannah. 👋🏼

My hope for The Herd, my online newsletter and budding community, is that folks will join me away from social media for honest conversations about what it's like to be a modern human finding their way in this wild world. About how to live an even more beautiful life.

I’m a seeker and a striver and a dreamer. I feel a lot and worry a lot (climate crisis, anyone?) and when I’m at my worst, it’s usually because I’m overworked, screen addicted, and starved for nature.

You, too?

I want a place to explore all the ways we can slow down, reconnect to ourselves when we get off balance, and fill our lives with more of what we love. How can we let go of the shit we've been taught is so important and live in more alignment with what we truly value?

How can we enjoy the amazing things this modern life affords us without losing the “old ways” of connecting with the wider world around us? Think less hurry and anxiety, more peace and intuition and beauty.

In The Herd, we'll look through the lens of my work with horses, yoga, and Human Design. We'll talk family and spirituality and tell stories. We'll play with what it's like to take our dreams seriously, but not ourselves. 😜

I'd love for you to join me!

The newsletter is free.

It may include a blog post, updates from the horses, a "dig list" (some things I'm loving right now that I think you might love too!), or stories from my mindfulness with horses clients. And I'll be waving furiously from the Ozark Mountains, to wherever you are in the world, welcoming you to The Herd.

As a manifestor type in Human Design, I don’t keep to any schedule - I post when I feel like it! 😉 And I don’t usually send Substack updates via email. You can access them via the app.

If you’d like to join my official email list that goes out weekly-ish, you can hop in here. It’s also free!

Note: My more intimate stories and updates are reserved for my email list, and the more general reflections are also posted here.

Happy to have you along for the ride!

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Reflections on cultivating more meaningful ways of living and working as modern humans. Exploring through the lens of my work with horses, yoga, and Human Design.


Hannah Pasquinzo

I write for busy people like me who want to live more fulfilling, mindful lives as modern humans. I look at the world through the lens of my work with horses, yoga, and Human Design (I'm a 2/4 splenic manifestor). Happy you're here!